IMPORTANT NOTE: No services this Sunday January 20 due to the storm.


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We're preparing through prayer together

This Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent--the weeks leading up to easter that are designed to prepare our hearts for Easter.

This year, we'll be preparing through prayer. Over the next 40 days, keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram as we'll be sending out prompts every weekday for us all to pray together. Let's go to our God in prayer together as we prepare to celebrate the grace and victory of Jesus!


Rivers & Robots started as a solo project of Jonathan Ogden from Manchester, England, with the aim of releasing worship songs with a creative sound, often based directly on Bible passages, and produced mostly at home with a laptop, keyboard and guitar. The name came from the mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments used in recording.

The band now live as missionaries, and spend their time leading worship in churches, clubs and festivals, hosting monthly worship nights in gig venues around Manchester and running a non-profit organisation (making them feel at home with that 's') called Set Sail, aiming to raise up creative worship and art in the UK.

Now, they're joining us on April 6th at 7pm at the Totowa Campus.

Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. You can pick them up right now, using the link below!

It's gonna be a great night of worship!


Kings Kaleidoscope has a history of breaking convention. The band first met at church, reimagining hymns and ecclesial melodies. But what started under lofted ceilings soon broke through, reaching the ready ears of crowds and critics. two critically-acclaimed LPs (both landing in the top 10 on Billboard's gospel chart), A Mixtape and a handful of EP’s later , King's continues to reinvent their medium. Genre-bending rhythms, bold arrangements, and soaring melodies underscore the diverse influences within the band. Chad Gardner leads the collective of friends, and all hands stretch the canvas until it sings. Their latest project, “THE RUSH,” is another transformation, but what remains true—and what resonates with fans—is the creative core: an honest expression of the ache, love, and color of a life redeemed.

King's Kaleidoscope returns to Emergence Church on May 4th at the Totowa Campus.

If you've been with them before previously, you know this is going to be a great night! You also know you need to get tickets quickly!

The show is at 7pm, and tickets are $20 in advance, or $30 at the door. You can pick them up today at the link below!


Membership is an important part of what it means to be healthy in our life of faith. It's biblical, beautiful, and part of what God uses to advance His mission as we walk in unity!

The following people have completed Discover Emergence and finished the process of membership here at Emergence. The final part of that process is to be listed here in the bulletin for 3 weeks.

If you know of any reason any of these candidates should not be accepted into membership, please let us know by emailing

The current candidates
(listed until 4/7):

Susan Araneo
Melissa Canabal
Edwin Gorter
Wendy Gorter
Joy Layher
Jude Pierre
Allan Recarte
Sonia Recarte
Robert Rotter

support new city kids this march and april

It's our joy to partner with great organizations around our area including New City Kids. They do amazing work, not only by providing opportunities for at-risk kids to know their potential, but also for those same kids to know where their value comes from: Jesus.

New City Kids is gearing up for their spring production called Upside Down Kingdom. It features testimonies and music from the students and is an important night for their work.

There's a performance on 3/31 at The Chapel in Lincoln Park or April 4th at Grace Redeemer Church in Glen Rock. Tickets are Free, and their team is with us in Totowa today to get you registered. Stop by and visit them to hear of the great work that they're up to--or register now using the link below:


If you're new to Emergence, or have been around for a while and are yet to plug in... or maybe you'd like to become a member... Discover Emergence is for you.

It happens every month (in Totowa... a little less often at the other campuses) and there's a new round starting soon. Come find out more about Emergence, and explore what it means to be a part of what's going on here.

Sign up today through the link below!

Financial update:

March 10 Offering:

Last Week’s Offering: $48.5k
Last Week's Need: $71.2k (-$22.7k)
Year to Date Giving: $2,305.3k
Year to Date Need: $2,523.1k (-$217.8k)
20|20 Vision Campaign

Total Intentions-to-give: $3,206.5k
To-date Received: $1,943.3k
Amount needed to meet goal: $2,556.7k