eMS - Middle School Ministry

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eMS is for students from grades 5-8. We meet in Suite 300 in Totowa, where we have a youth space, on Sunday mornings (at each campus), and Wednesday nights (from 6:30pm-8:30pm). We generally meet every week during the school year (Labor Day until Memorial Day), with some special events throughout the year and the Summer. Our hope is to see gospel growth in students and families as we connect with them during these formative years.



We meet from 6:30 - 8:30 in suite 300 of our Totowa campus. Students can expect to play games, compete for prizes, worship with a band, hear an engaging sermon, and talk about faith and life in a small group with their leaders. Students are separated by grade and gender in eMS for their small group time.



We meet during one of the morning church services at each campus. Students can expect to play games or hang out with their friends, and have a group study and discussion through vital areas of faith and life. We meet in Roxbury during the 10:45 service in the gym, in Glen Rock during the 11:00 service in room 210, and in Totowa during the 10:15 service in Suite 300. 


Special Events:

Here are the important dates for our 2017-18 Calendar year, but look to Realm for all the details!

October 20 - Corn Maze

November 18 - Carnival

January 12-14 - Winter Retreat

March 9 - Funplex

May 4-5 - Overnight


To stay connected and be in the know

you should join the Middle School Parent’s group on Realm, where you will receive constant communication about upcoming events, cancellations, and resources for discipling your students throughout the week. Again, if you aren’t connected yet, fill out this quick, simple form: https://emergencechurch.typeform.com/to/rGzJ4n 




My student has social anxiety, is there anything you do to help students like mine?

Yes! We build un-structured time into the beginning of every meeting we have with students, and we train our volunteer leaders on how to spot any students who are off to the side, and to connect them with others. Leaders set the tone for a culture of inclusiveness, and it’s no pressure. If a student needs time to warm up to others, a leader will talk and get to know  your student on the side, until they’re ready to join in with everyone else.


Do I have to register my student to get involved?

Nope! All they have to do is show up, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you should definitely get plugged into the parent’s groups on Realm.


How can I get/stay connected?

Join Realm! You can configure your notification settings in the group to get an email whenever something new is posted, and you can download the app on your phone. Some things will be communicated through the church website and through Sunday announcements, but not everything. If you want to be connected, you need to be in our parent’s group.


I’m nervous about leaving my student with strangers, can I observe the ministry?

Yes! We background check every volunteer who works with minors, and you are always welcome to come and observe the ministry events. Before you do, just reach out to Ryan or Nate through email or Realm, so they can make sure everything is done in the best way possible.


I’m interested in serving, how can I go about doing that?

Fill out this form here, and we’ll get in contact with you! https://emergencechurch.typeform.com/to/jvdWDH