Equip 18-24 is an eight week study during the summer for those who are between 18 and 24 years old, meeting on Wednesdays from 8pm - 9:15pm in suite 500.

The hope is that we would be equipped with God’s wisdom for our lives, which is how we got the name (we’re creative like that). Equip isn’t like a regular Sunday worship service; we still have coffee, but there’s no sermon or worship band. Instead, we sit around tables with each other while one of the church leaders sets up a discussion, and then each table group talks through some discussion questions together. The real value of Equip is in these group discussions, because each person is able to ask questions, offer insights, and get connected with others.

This year we’ll be studying through the book of Proverbs, each week taking a look at God’s wisdom for us in eight different areas. The primary aim of Proverbs is practical wisdom for living, and it has a lot to say about things that continue to be central concerns for us today, things like: sex, money, alcohol, friendship, and work.




Equip 18-24 is open for anyone (within the age range). You don’t have to be a regular part of Emergence, or even a Christian, to come check it out. Maybe you’re home from school for the summer, or you’re already working.

Either way, this is a great place for you to meet some people, ask honest questions, and grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God for us in the bible. We hope you check it out!