Essentials is an opportunity to grow as a follower of Jesus with a community of people at Emergence. It's a program that at times is similar to a Sunday School class, and at other times feels like a personal, relational discipleship environment.

The primary goal is to equip followers of Jesus to be grounded in the key elements of their faith and mentored in discipleship toward spiritual growth and maturity in Christ. 

Essentials is an 18 session discipleship process broken up into three 6-week modules. These modules align with the vision of Emergence: to Love Jesus, Love People, and Plow a Counter-Culture. The content is designed for smaller groups of 4-6 people. Those that sign up for Essentials are assigned to a smaller group, but begin the process by meeting together with the other smaller groups in one larger environment. Each group has a leader/mentor who is responsible for leading the people in their group through the Essentials process. 

Each Campus of Emergence starts a new Essentials group 3 times a year: in fall, January, and just after Easter. If you're interested in taking a step to pursue Jesus with others at Emergence through Essentials, simply sign up during the registration periods. You'll find the sign up form on this page during those open registration time periods.  


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