Sermon-Based Communities

"Come,  follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."- Matthew 4:19


Sermon-Based Discipleship Communities are the central core to discipleship for us here at Emergence. These Communities welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of their maturity in Christ, their knowledge of Scripture, or even their familiarity with Jesus to come as they are and learn what the bible really says about God, faith, and life in Christ.

It's here, within these flagship Discipleship Communities meeting all across New Jersey, where the proclamation of the Gospel at our worship services turns into the application of the Gospel in our every day lives. The weekly content for these Communities is based entirely off of the scripture passages and weekly sermons that we study together as a church on Sundays, so the only preparation needed to attend is to listen to the sermon and/or attend a weekend service. 

While we recognize that no model for discipleship is perfect, our focus on sermon-based discipleship affords us a number of advantages as a church:

  • They allow our multi-faceted and diverse church body to study Scripture together as a unified whole.