Every single day, we're reminded of a very simple fact:

Emergence does not exist without faithful people sacrificing their time and effort to make it happen.

Emergence is a community of missionaries. None of this can or will work if the church is a place where people go to watch other people do ministry.

If you've been around emergence, you know we try to keep it simple. As Emergence grows, the temptation is there for the complexity to grow as well. Our hope is that never happens. When the church becomes too complicated, it takes people being at activities every day just to keep it going. The dream is to see people freed up--not at the church, but in their communities--being empowered to carry Jesus with them.

With that said, there are a few key areas where faithful people are needed in order to provide this place for worship--and to do it well.

We have numerous teams and roles available for you to use your gifts:


Serve_Accountingteam Serve_CafeteamServe_KidsminteamServe_connectteamServe_musicteamServe_creativeteam 
Serve_prayerteamServe_securityteamServe_setupteam Serve_studentministry Serve_techteam



No experience is necessary. All training will be provided.

If you would like more information about serving on one or more teams, click here to fill out the form and the team leaders will be in touch!