Totowa Campus

The Totowa Campus launched in December 2011 as the first campus of Emergence.

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  • We gather at 930 Riverview Dr., Suite 500 (Totowa Business Center)

  • Services: 9:00am, 10:15am, 11:45am, and 6:30pm on Sundays

  • Emergence Kids ministry available at all three morning services

  • The same sermon as all other Emergence campuses, preached live

  • Live music led by the Emergence Band

Want to know what to expect at an Emergence gathering? 

We're pretty up front about the fact that we love Jesus. That is why we're here, and also why we do what we do.

Here's what you'd experience at an Emergence gathering:

  • We'll learn about Jesus.

    We teach from the Bible as our authority. It's God's Word. And it's all about Jesus. While it may mean you’ll learn how to be a better person, how to have a better marriage, or how to be more fulfilled in life—that’s not really the point. Because without Jesus, nothing matters. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a better person, or have a better marriage. Most weeks, we’ll work our way through whole books of the Bible, verse by verse, to learn what the whole Bible teaches and how it relates to Jesus.

  • We'll sing to (and about) Jesus.

    Emergence music is usually loud (we have earplugs in the back if you need them), and always about Jesus. Sometimes we'll sing songs many other churches sing, including hymns. Other times we'll sing songs that were written here at Emergence. No matter what we sing, music is part of the way in which we prepare our hearts and minds to receive wisdom from the Bible and be transformed by it. Occasionally we take communion together and each week we also give financially as part of our worship to provide for the work God does here and all over the world.

  • We have a great program for kids.

    One of our priorities is to provide a great experience for parents and children through our Emergence Kids ministry. If you have kids, we encourage you to plug them into Emergence Kids. They'll be cared for, encouraged, instructed, and protected. All of our volunteers have undergone background checks and training, and we have a Security Team always present to ensure that your kids are safe. 

Here are a few other things that may help as you consider visiting a weekend gathering:

  • anyone is welcome
  • there's no dress code. Most wear what they wear any other day
  • if you don't call Emergence your church home, there is no solicitation or expectation of financial giving
  • we're not very high on tradition or ritual, but we do practice consistent forms of worship: studying the Bible together, praying, giving financially, singing, and from time to time, communion
  • it's pretty hard to feel out of place
  • there's nothing too complicated about it
  • we love Jesus and are unashamed about it
  • you'll hear the name of Jesus more than any other name
  • we value the Bible and see it as our authority
  • there's no "hard sell" for your money or your commitment--those who are here want to be here
  • no one will harass you when you enter and walk through the building
  • it isn't for everyone
  • the music is "normal"--the energy, volume, and experience is what you'd expect of any live event, but the content proclaims Jesus as Lord
  • there aren't dozens of programs to pick from on a Sunday. We are there to gather and be equipped to look more like Jesus and serve as effective missionaries
  • there are plenty of volunteers wherever you look--we're a pretty active community of people who enjoy serving

Hope to see you soon in Totowa!

If you have any questions about the Totowa Campus, contact Steve Hawthorne