What We Do

We believe the Church (the redeemed people of God) exists to bring glory to God through the accomplishing of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). In order to do that, though, we recognize that we need to focus on the primary goals and functions of our collective of God's people.

At Emergence, we like to keep things simple. Our primary functions should reflect that simplicity, while calling each of us to accomplish the purpose of the Church.

We have 4 primary functions at Emergence. Each of these serve to accomplish the work God has called us to in proclaiming the Gospel to the world. All of our programs and activities reflect these 4 things in some way: Gather, Equip, Incarnate, Multiply

We come together regularly as a community to proclaim and exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and King. When we gather, we participate in common rhythms of the Church: we pray, we study the Scriptures, we give of our time, talents and treasure, and we sing together.

We recognize that if we are going to see a group of effective Gospel missionaries in North Jersey, we will all need to be equipped for the work that lies before us. This equipping process is holistic in nature and consists of learning in a gathering, smaller discipleship environments, occasional training events, and opportunities and resources from both within our community and the greater Church community at large.

We are designed to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the flesh so that the world around us can see glimpses of the One who desires to free them from sin and death and bring glory to Himself. Engaging our community means we go outside the walls of the building in which we gather and be present physically in the lives of those who desperately need to know the person and work of Jesus Christ.

If we are the living Body of Christ, we will see life and fruit that comes from being connected to the source of life: Jesus. That fruit will be seen in the multiplication of the effects of the Gospel. Multiplication happens on a number of levels:

Multiplication of Believers
If we are living out Gospel-centered lives, it will result in opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus. Prayerfully, through the work of God alone, some of those opportunities will result in people becoming Christians and turning from their sin to reflect the holiness of their Savior.

Multiplication of Leaders
In order to effectively accomplish the work that God calls us to, He places leaders in the church to work, govern, oversee, and generally take responsibility for the Church. Some people of Emergence will go on to become Elders, some may be staff, some may be Support Team leaders, and others may go elsewhere to be used in God's work. No matter the end result, part of our work of multiplication is to pour into and develop leaders who like Isaiah will respond "Here am I, send me!"

Multiplication of Smaller Gospel Communities
When believers come together in a neighborhood to ask God to change their pocket of the world through the Gospel, amazing things can and do regularly happen. At Emergence, we seek to multiply these communities in neighborhoods all around North Jersey. In our context we call those kinds of communities Community Groups.

Multiplication of Larger Gospel Communities
A sign of a healthy church is that they would bend outward and begin new works of the Gospel by multiplying new Gospel communities--not only in small pockets, but also in larger gathering points. At Emergence, this can look like two main things: additional sites of Emergence in new locations, and/or the planting of new local churches in North Jersey.