Winter Retreat

Student Winter Retreat
Camp of the Woods, Speculator, NY
January 12-14, 2018
Cost:$265/student (variable pricing for households sending more than one student)


General Information // Packing List:

We will be meeting at 12pm on Friday, January 12th in suite 300 of our Emergence Totowa location, 930 Riverview Dr. It is important that we leave on time! We will be returning to the church around 4:30pm on Sunday, January 14th.

What to Bring:

Use this list as a guideline to help you pack. Remember, we are only going away for one weekend, so pack lightly, limiting your belongings to one small suitcase! You will not need a sleeping bag – linens will be provided by the retreat center.

· Casual clothes (sweatshirt for the evenings)

· Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)

· Sneakers (required for gym activities)

· Bathing suit – Optional (one piece/tankinis for the ladies)

· Towel

· Extra spending money for dinner on the way home ($10-$15), or extra for the snack bar at the retreat center

· iPod/cell phone – can only be used in your rooms. We would suggest that you do not bring anything more than is necessary. The reason for a retreat like this is to get away from everything familiar and distracting, and to focus on enjoying each other and God.

· Any medication – Please bring in a plastic bag with written instructions, you will hand this to the leader in your room.

Retreat Rules:

Here are a few rules for you to go through with your kids before the retreat. We don’t expect to have any issues with these, but if any rules are broken, you may be getting a call to pick up your student from Camp of the Woods.

1. No weapons, fireworks, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or vaping products on the retreat

2. No making “purple” (guys in the girls’ rooms or girls in the guys’ rooms)

3. Be respectful to your leaders, the camp staff, and the other retreaters

4. No pranking in such a way that it ruins property, causes harm to another person, or is judged to be mean-spirited

5. Cell phones and other electronics are allowed in your rooms only

6. You must make it to every scheduled event

7. You can’t go anywhere without at least one friend, and you must tell your room leader before you go

8. No ski equipment allowed in the lodge

9. No one is allowed outside of their rooms after curfew

Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to a great trip! See you soon!