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What's Going on at Emergence?

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Community Engagement Project - October 23rd!

Let's be a blessing to our entire area!
We're going to serve "outside the walls" as an entire church on October 23rd! We'll be supporting many of our local partners by meeting specific needs they have.
These organizations are doing great work, and we're excited to come alongside them for the day with a posture of humility, learning, and support.
Let's serve them as they serve the people in their community!
More details to come, but for now, mark your calendar! 

Communities Are Back!

Our small groups start this week!
We gather all together on the weekend, but where we really grow and apply God's truth is in our smaller Community Groups!
Our Communities are small groups of folks who typically meet in homes scattered throughout the area during the week and learn, pray, connect and grow together.
Community Groups meet during 3 ten-week seasons throughout the year, and our next season starts the week of 9.26!
Click the button on the left to explore all of our open Communities!


Christian and never been baptized?
If you have trusted in Jesus but never proclaimed His salvation through Baptism, there couldn't be a better time to do it.

Simply click this link to work through work through a virtual process and then be baptized to give praise to Jesus both in-person and online!

Click the link above to get started. We're about to hit a great season as a church!


For all of the 2020 Vision updates, check this out!

On June 27th, we got to share some of thew biggest news in Emergence history. If you didn't get to hear it, or if you missed all the updates about our 2020 Vision capital campaign, check out this video. You can hear all about how your financial investment went toward SENDing, SEEKing, STARTing, SUPPORTing, and ultimately SECURING the next steps of this local church where God is clearly moving.

There's much more to come, but for now, let's REJOICE!


When you can't join in-person, live services will stream at 8:30am & 10:00am on Our Website and Youtube!

Meets at 9:00am, 10:30am & 11:45am

Meets at the Totowa Campus
930 Riverview Drive, Suite 500
Totowa, NJ

Meets at 9:00am & 10:30am

Meets at the Ringwood Campus
30 Carletondale Road
Ringwood, NJ

Miss a sunday service?

You can now watch on-demand services through our streaming service. Rewatch your favorite part of the sermon, worship at-home with the music set, or take in the whole service whenever you'd like.
Looking for live, digital service? We are streaming right here at our online church link and YouTube at our usual times: 8:30am & 10:00am. Join in to view the service, and be encouraged by interacting with others who are joining in worship with you!

Financial update:

April 25 Offering
Last Week’s Offering: $57.8k
Last Week's Need: $70.6k (-$12.8k)
Year-to-Date Giving: $2,769.3k
Year-to-Date Need: $2,992.9k (-$223.6k)
20|20 Vision Campaign Update
Total Intentions-to-give: $3,204.7k
To-date Received: $3,055.8k
Amount needed to meet goal: $1,444.2k


September 19, 2021 Offering
Last Week’s Offering: $51.9k
Last Week's Need: $65.8k (-$13.9k)
Year-to-Date Giving: 614.4k
Year-to-Date Need: $723.8k (-$109.4k)