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The book of Joshua is an incredible adventure - a journey of God's people as they navigate conflict, tragedy, conquest and war. Many readers, both Christian and non, will find themselves challenged while reading this text, as it presents us with inevitable questions about our own morality weighed against the promises of God faithfulness. Yet for those who come to this incredible book with a heart to learn, they'll quickly find that the history of the nation of Israel is littered with proofs of God's faithfulness and love for His people.

To help guide you through this story, we have created a resource which we hope will provide you with some additional insight into the text, as well as shed some light on a few of the more difficult themes and topics you may come across in your study. This book was designed intentionally to compliment what we already do together in Communities each week as we open God's Word together. We believe that discipleship always happens best in community and so it's our hope that this commentary would not replace life-on-life discipleship relationships, but fuel them.

We'd like to invite you to download the .pdf below and bring it with you to your Community each week as we dive into this incredible story of God's people together this Fall 2020 Communities Season.