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Leading a discipleship community

If you've been around Emergence a while, you know that Jesus' church is more than just a building or a worship service - it's the people of God, united together in faith for the sake of Jesus Kingdom.

God’s design for His people is communal, with the intention of the Church to be lived in fellowship and interdependence with one another. To truly walk with fruitfulness in our lives means doing life together with other people around us - encouraging, serving, praying for, bearing burdens with, and altogether loving one another as we walk toward Jesus.

As a church, we exist in one of two expressions: gathered and scattered. Each week we gather together as a church to collectively worship Jesus before scattering out into our various jobs, neighborhoods and people groups throughout the course of the week. From here, we carry out the regular rhythms of our daily lives as we normally would, only we band together the people we most regularly interact with and walk through life together as smaller expressions of Jesus' church.

We call these small groups Communities, and within an Emergence Community you’ll find imperfect people walking together in love, grace and encouragement toward a perfectly loving God. At the helm of these Communities are our group leaders; men and women with servant hearts who love helping others grow in their relationship with Christ and walk together with His Church.

Each week our leaders gather the people of God together to fellowship together, serve together, pray together, study scripture together, and to otherwise just do life…together.

If you have a heart for seeing others come to better know Jesus, and you would like the opportunity to help the many individuals of Emergence find a home and a family within Jesus’ Church, we would love to invite you to consider becoming an Emergence Community Leader!

If you would like more information about Communities, or have questions regarding the role and responsibilities of our leaders, please reach out to us at [email protected]! Otherwise, if you’re ready to get your feet wet, you may inquire about leading an Emergence Community by filling out the form below!

Here's How It Works:

  • At the beginning of the next Communities season, you'll open up your home (or other location) for a period of 8-10 weeks to host a small group of Emergence folks to attend.
  • You'll choose the day of the week and the time.
  • We’ll do all the prep work and provide you with discussion questions, video materials, leadership podcasts, blog resources, theological commentary, a coach, and many other resources and support materials to help you facilitate healthy discussions for your group.
  • You won’t need to prepare the lesson at all (unless you want to!), just facilitate a great conversation.
  • Sign – ups for Communities happen the first few weeks before the next Season launch (see below)
  • You’ll be invited to attend a New Leader’s training seminar, where we will teach you everything you need to know to lead a group well
  • Communities leaders do not need to be scholars (as a matter of fact, the best ones usually aren’t!), but they do need be excited about seeing others come to know and walk with Jesus for the sake of His Kingdom and for the glory of His name.