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Emergence Sessions are evening courses that equip us to walk as disciples of Jesus. They are designed to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God and to live wisely in his world.

Summer Sessions 2022

Summer Sessions will be held on Thursday nights at 7 pm at our Totowa campus.
We are offering two classes:

The Book of Ruth, taught by Donna Aust
Cafe, suite 300.
Ruth is an extraordinary Old Testament book that tells a story of God's sovereign love for the helpless and the outsider, as well as the virtue of those who model his character in practical acts of compassion.

I've Got Questions, taught by Doug Becker and Walt Windish
Auditorium, suite 500.
Walt and Doug will tackle some important questions that face us as Christians in the twenty-first century. Topics and dates are as follows:

"Do I Need Evidence to Believe?" (Doug Becker, June 30)
"Why Should I Think God Exists? A Look at the Fine-Tuning Argument" (Walt Windish, July 7)
"Are the Gospels Reliable Accounts of Jesus' Life?" (Doug Becker, July 14)
"Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?" (Walt Windish, July 21)
"What About Evolution?" (Doug Becker, July 28)
"Is Christianity Bigoted?" (Doug Becker and Walt Windish, August 8)


Summer 2022
Teacher: Donna Aust

Big Questions

Summer 2022
Teachers: Doug Becker, Walt Windish


Winter 2019–2020
Teachers: Ryan Baitzel, Doug Becker, Nate Dorka, Ryan Franey, Steve Hawthorne, Kirk Rupprecht

Bonus Material: Hinduism and Islam (Doug Becker)

Interacting with Different -Isms (Doug Becker)

Atheism, Pluralism, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism

How to Do It (Nate Dorka, Ryan Franey, and Kirk Rupprecht)

Panel Discussion on Evangelism (Special Guests)

Getting Our Heads Straight (Doug Becker)

evangelism 101 (Ryan baitzel)


Winter 2018–2019
Teacher: Doug Becker

Reliability of the New Testament part 1: text


Summer 2019
Teacher: Doug Becker



1 corinthians

2 corinthians

christianity in a secular age

Summer 2019
Teachers: Walt Windish, Rich Abate, Matt Jenisch, Lucas Martin

Politics (Rich abate)

jehovah's witnesses and mormons (lucas martin)

evil & suffering (rich abate)

bible contradictions and Old Testament violence (matt jenisch and walt windish)

science and creation (lucas martin and matt jenisch)

exploring social issues

Winter 2018–2019
Teacher: Doug Becker




same-sex relationships