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Emergence Sessions are evening courses that equip us to walk as disciples of Jesus. They are designed to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God and to live wisely in his world.

Summer Sessions 2023

Roman Catholicism
As Protestants, how should we think about the Roman Catholic Church? Where is the line between agreement and disagreement? And how can we gently and respectfully engage with our Catholic neighbors and families? For six weeks this summer, we'll be learning about and examining the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our hope is that these Sessions will be a helpful resource for you personally and to share with your friends. Topics will include Scripture and tradition, salvation, the sacraments, the papacy, Mary and the saints, purgatory, and the canon of Scripture.

The Book of Job
How can we trust a God who loves us but allows us to go through times of intense suffering? This question is as relevant to the believer's walk today than it was thousands of years ago, when the the ancient Hebrews wrestled with it. The book of Job is a unique journey into one man's pain, his friends' attempts to guide him through it, and what God has to say to them all. Prepare to be challenged by this hard-hitting exploration into one of the most rewarding books of the entire Bible.

Summer Sessions will be held on Monday nights at 7 pm at our Totowa campus. Classes will run from July 17th–August 21.
The Book of Job: Suite 300
Roman Catholicism: Suite 500


Summer 2023
Teacher: Ric Gallipoli

Roman Catholicism

Summer 2023
Teacher: Doug Becker

The Historical and Archaeological Background to the Old Testament

Winter 2022–2023
Teacher: Doug Becker


Summer 2022
Teacher: Donna Aust

Big Questions

Summer 2022
Teachers: Doug Becker, Walt Windish


Winter 2019–2020
Teachers: Ryan Baitzel, Doug Becker, Nate Dorka, Ryan Franey, Steve Hawthorne, Kirk Rupprecht

Bonus Material: Hinduism and Islam (Doug Becker)

Interacting with Different -Isms (Doug Becker)

Atheism, Pluralism, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism

How to Do It (Nate Dorka, Ryan Franey, and Kirk Rupprecht)

Panel Discussion on Evangelism (Special Guests)

Getting Our Heads Straight (Doug Becker)

evangelism 101 (Ryan baitzel)


Winter 2018–2019
Teacher: Doug Becker

Reliability of the New Testament part 1: text


Summer 2019
Teacher: Doug Becker



1 corinthians

2 corinthians

christianity in a secular age

Summer 2019
Teachers: Walt Windish, Rich Abate, Matt Jenisch, Lucas Martin

Politics (Rich abate)

jehovah's witnesses and mormons (lucas martin)

evil & suffering (rich abate)

bible contradictions and Old Testament violence (matt jenisch and walt windish)

science and creation (lucas martin and matt jenisch)

exploring social issues

Winter 2018–2019
Teacher: Doug Becker




same-sex relationships