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Students aren't just the future. they're the present.

From the start of Emergence, we've always been a church full of people of all different ages and perspectives. Students at Emergence are a valuable and valued part of living ministry. We're committed to doing all we can help develop young people, and provide them with every opportunity to excitedly pursue Jesus.


We've got opportunities for Middle and High School Students to connect and enjoy growing

(Middle school)

(Middle & High School)

In Ringwood and Totowa - 10:30am

In Ringwood and Totowa - 6pm (doors open at 5:30)

Sunday mornings are all about Jesus, discussion and discipleship. Students 5th-8th Grade are invited to be a part of a time devoted to teaching and learning specifically geared toward their own age/development stage.
Sunday nights are all about Jesus, worship, fun, friends, and growth. Students from 5th-12th Grade are welcome at this time devoted to students connecting with shared experiences and learning about Jesus and Scripture.
Retreats & Special Events:
Throughout the year we’ll have a number of special events happening within eMS and eHS.
Stay tuned for announcements with more information!